Why You Should Consider Creatine For Weight Loss

Americans are readily trying to lose weight, and they are shelling out the big bucks to do so. Every year, the 45 million people trying to lose weight spend a shocking 33 billion dollars on weight loss supplements. Most people overlook some supplements, like creatine, because they feel like it can cause them to lose… Read More »

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Why Boosting Testosterone Levels Can Help Burn Fat Faster

Testosterone is the hormone that men depend on for building muscle, growing facial hair, and having a deeper voice. When it comes to burning fat, research has shown that the same male hormone can also help in weight management. Most men are full of this particular hormone, but there are also others who suffer from… Read More »

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10 Foods that Help with Weight Loss Goals

Introduction In the struggle to lose weight, you must realize that what you eat is as important as how much you eat. Many people mistakenly think that weight loss is only about counting calories, however, this is not true. Certain foods keep you fuller longer, build lean muscle, and keep your blood sugar in check.… Read More »

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Beginner's Introduction to the Keto Diet

Trendy new diets are all the rage in our society today. Every day there is some new plan everyone is following to lose weight and get healthy. They usually tend to follow the same theories, such as various low carb diets. This is because, no matter how popular most diets are, these things typically come from at… Read More »

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7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight Even While Dieting

It’s not uncommon to stand on the scale and be discouraged by occasional disappointing weight loss results. The human body is a complex machine that can be both unpredictable and prone to natural weight plateaus. Usually, these plateaus can be overcome by simple changes in your weight loss regimen. However, if you’re experiencing consistently disappointing… Read More »

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How to Get in the Proper Mindset for Weight Loss

Right now, you may be wondering, “Why can’t I lose weight?” For some, losing weight may seem like a never ending struggle, a revolving door of diets, counting macros and disappointment. With the current weight loss market being plagued with diet after diet full of promises to lose weight, you may have no idea where… Read More »

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5 Reasons Why Choosing Healthy Food Seems Hard

Most people want to eat better, feel better, and live longer. However, it seems that manufactured food is geared toward convenience and taste, regardless of the nutrient value. According to www.worldheart.org, high consumption of salt, unsaturated fats, and low consumption of fruits and vegetables account for 1.7 million deaths per year. Here are 5 reasons why it is so difficult to stay on a healthy eating trend, and what to do about it.

5 Best Carbohydrate Blockers

Low-carbohydrate diets are getting a lot of attention these days. Popular in the 1970s, they’re making a comeback with a new generation of dieters. With the growing interest in paleolithic and gluten-free living, today’s dieters are seeing a resurgence of low-carb diet products.